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Level up your wedding with a web page

No special skills needed! You can have your own wedding webpage in less than 30 seconds.

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Elegant theme

We have designed an elegant and modern theme for your wedding page. It’s fully responsive and mobile-ready.

Maps and directions

Provide maps and information about the events. Your guests will never have to ask you again for directions!

Image Gallery

Slick image gallery for showing off your precious moments. Up to 9 images can be uploaded.

Wedding registries

Link to your selected wedding registries, so your guests can easily select your wedding presents! Up to 5 registries can be added.


Guests can directly send you their RSVP request, how many other guests they are bringing, and which events they'll attend.


Your beloved friends can send you their wishes directly from your website. Wishes can be private or displayed on your website.


Select which sections you want to be displayed on your website. If you change your mind, you can enable them in the future.

Ceremony or Reception?

You are not going to have a reception? But then change your mind? No worries, disable and enable it with a click. It's your wedding, do as you pleased!


One time payment

  • Full control over you web page
  • One free design included
  • Email support
  • Free domain (

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You don't need to be a programmer to create your own wedding web page. Everything can be edited with simple and easy to use web forms. Just click 'Update' and you are done!

Smooth result

Your web page will load fast and will work on all devices, from your Uncle Joe's old computer to your Cousin Jessie's latest tablet.

We are here for you

Stuck somewhere and can't work out what to do? We can help via email! Time is precious, use it for things that matter.

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